Commercial Construction Projects

Laie Sewer Abandonment Project

Owner: Hawaii Reserves Inc.
Project Scope: Plug piping, demolish top 2’ and fill with granular fill 49 manholes. Cover with topsoil, asphalt or concrete depending on location of manhole. Demolish, plug piping and fill two sewer pump stations along with demolishing 80’ of 12’ wide driveway and haul out. Cover with topsoil.

Wahinepe'e Road Repair and Widening

Owner: Hawaii Reserves Inc.
Project Scope: Remove 700’ x 15’ of existing asphalt roadway along with 850 tons of existing fill. Pour 60’ of curbing, install 900 tons of select granular fill for new 20’ wide roadway including layout and grades. Compact sub-grade to 90% and finish grade to 95% relative compaction. Install 35 3”x7’ pipe bollards and weld 5/16” chain to create barrier for vehicles.

Schofield Barracks WWTP R-1 Upgrade

Owner: Aqua Engineers
Project Scope: Form and pour 8 large concrete walls, structural pump slabs, 320 yards of concrete fill, pilasters for structural steel in existing Aeration Basins. Excavate, form and pour Ultra Violet channel for Trojan system. Install corbels and pre-cast hollow core plank in existing blower bldg. for new MCC Room. Excavate, grade, form, pour new 96’ long by 12’ wide concrete pipe trench. Excavate, form and pour 96’ long by 9’ wide slab. Excavate, grade, form and pour 96’ long by 22’ wide slab. Excavate grade, form and pour 49’ long by 17’ wide slab. Excavate, form and pour various footings for structural steel columns. Demolish new openings in and extend existing channel at Aeration Basins. Demolish openings and grout for pipe penetrations. Install doors, metal frame wall, and drywall for new MCC Room. Form and pour various equipment and tank pads.

Concrete work for Coca Cola of North America WWTP

Owner: Coca Cola of North America
Project Scope: Form and pour 3- steel tank foundations; form and pour containment slabs and berms; pour slabs on grade for equipment and buildings.

Pearl Harbor Elementary, Replace Water Lines

Owner: Hawaii Department of Education
Projects Scope: Trench for and install 800’ of 4” c-900 PVC pipe for new waterline along with 800’ of ¾”, 1”, 1¼” and 2” copper branch lines. Most digging was in hard basalt rock requiring breaking and removing rock for installation of water lines. Install test and chlorinate all water lines per Board of Water Supply water Standards 2002.

Schofield Barracks WWCS Project No. 2

Owner: Aqua Engineers
Projects Scope: Install 2800’ of 15” SDR 35 PVC pipe, install 13 sewer manholes and re-route waterlines along and across Lyman Road at Schofield Barracks, HI. Testing of sewer line and manholes per City & County of Honolulu Specifications. Coordinate traffic control measures and road closures with base personnel. Cut concrete and asphalt trench crossings and restore to original condition or better. Restoration of all landscaping, walkways, fencing etc.

Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery Repairs

Owner: DAGS State of Hawaii
Project Scope: Demolish existing retaining wall; grub and clear site; bench and re-grade large 30’ x 600’ slope and compact; install 8 concrete drain inlets; install 700’ of HDPE drain line; excavate for, compact and install granular fill for 600’ long by 5’ wide concrete swale.

Subcontractor installs irrigation, topsoil, erosion control blanket and ground cover for soil stabilization.

Emergency Replacement of RAS Pumps at Lihue Wastewater Treatment Plant

Owner: County of Kauai
Project Scope: Remove two existing sludge pumps, replacement of ten plug valves; install two new Vauhgn solids pumps and new Siemens VFD’s. Work included demolition of existing concrete pads, pipe removal, epoxy anchor bolts for new pumps, new concrete pump pads, new piping and start up and testing.

Replace Stand-By Generator at Schofield Barracks Wastewater Reclamation Facility

Owner: Aqua Engineers Inc.
Project Scope: Replace existing one megawatt Waukesha generator with new one megawatt Caterpillar generator. Work included removing louvered vent, lifting and moving 19 ton generator out of building and loading on trailer, moving new 9 ton generator in building, installing shroud to radiator, insulation, new muffler and exhaust piping, electrical work, fuel piping.

Excavation & Concrete for Electrical Service for Hawaiian Cement

Contractor: American Electric Inc.
Project Scope: Excavate for electrical duct banks; pour concrete ducts; form and pour transformer and panel pads; cut large concrete drive way for trenching and re-pour; install pipe bollards at Hawaiian Cement’s Kalaeloa Plant for new electrical service. 70% of trenching was through hard coral and required a hydraulic breaker. Work was done as sub-contractor to American Electric Inc.

Replace Pumps at Kam-Dole Sewer Pump Station

Owner: Aqua Engineers Inc.
Project Scope: Replace existing shaft driven centrifuge pumps with new Flygt dry pit submersibles. Work includes demolition of existing seal water system, centrifuge pumps pads and piping; installation of new pumps, piping and concrete pedestals; electrical work.

Filtration and Disinfection System at Lihue WWTP

Owner: Kauai Lagoons
Project Scope: Trench and install all underground utilities, excavate for large slab including retaining wall; pour footings for wall, install CMU wall, build Polymer Bldg.; pour slab and equipment pads for Ultra Violet System and Cloth Disc Filter, install above ground process piping and equipment; install new sludge pump and modify existing effluent pumps; bypass chlorine contact tank and pour concrete wall for plant water tank in existing chlorine contact tank.

Kahului Wastewater Treatment Plant Sand Filter Replacement

Owner: County of Maui
Project Scope: Replace traveling bridge sand filter at Kahului WWTP including demolition of existing sand filter to concrete foundation; installation of new cell sheets, grout, porous plates, sand media. Also included rehabilitation and coating of filter walls by sub-contractor.

Pukalani Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Contractor: Bodell Construction Company Inc.
Project Scope: Install process piping and equipment consisting of aeration diffuser systems, submersible pumps, screening system, MBBR membrane system, new pumps, ultraviolet disinfection system, mixers, automated valves and blowers.
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